Founded in 2017, DIAZ Ad Group is a team of dazzling minds whose passion for creative communication has become our heartbeat. This same commitment put us on the map as one of Texas’s top advertising & marketing agencies. As a multifaceted, prolific creative lab, we serve both the most experienced business leaders and the young, eager ones ready to embrace their genius. You won’t just get one innovative brain working on your campaigns. Still, instead, you get an entire team of gifted creatives eager to actualize the creativity bubbling out of them. Our strategic mindset and bold advertising & marketing are what have made DIAZ the industry-leading agency that it is. We don’t just pride ourselves on our brilliant creative campaigns but your next great achievement. We just want to dream big and pop bottles with you.

An original growth agency that guides brands to their purest purpose and spirit using the unexpected. Smart. Dangerous. Committed. We do the most for your best.



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My principle is simple – let’s create the most amazing work & the results will come. Every time.

Carlos Isaac Diaz has been esteemed as one of the top creatives and designers in the advertising industry. After freelancing for countless businesses and organizations to build their brands, websites, and campaigns, he officially launched his personal brand, Made by Carlos, in 2013. Between 2013 – 2017, Carlos transformed and exponentially grew businesses all over the state of Texas.

With his personal brand’s success, Made by Carlos metamorphosed into something bigger than himself – DIAZ Ad Group. A team of like-minded designers, writers, editors, and thinkers was formed to craft impactful projects with the highest standards. DIAZ soon became a leading marketing & advertising group in Texas, owning a solid reputation of strengthening businesses for ongoing success. With happy clients in every industry and a mile-long list of bold aspirations, DIAZ’s influence in the creative world has only just begun.