We help you navigate through the brand development process by refining or defining your message and creating a brand story that sticks.

Your new creative team will provide, at a minimum, (3) professionally designed brand boards, detailing the overall aesthetic of your brand.

As part of your brand board, your creative team will work together to compile colors and shades that communicate the look and feel of your brand.

After the brand direction, your design team gets to work on your logo. Like building a house, there’s a planning phase, sketch phase, design & presentation phase, and finally, a full range of renders for multiple uses. Unlimited revisions are included for most of our clients.

A resource that facilitates all your branding essentials, from color schemes to design direction.

Once your brand aesthetic and logo are complete, we’ll provide you with the essentials you need to operate under your new brand. This includes custom business cards, letterheads, envelopes, social media profile images, and an e-mail signature template.


One of our most sought after services is social media management. We take the day-to-day burden of social media completely off your shoulders. Our creative & administrative teams will: strategize, create, and engage every post.

DIAZ Ad Group has been expertly taught by Google’s PPC enterprise professionals first hand. Because of their effectiveness in utilizing Google PPC, Carlos and Sarah were invited for a private Google tour. Our PPC services include: search, display, YouTube, and retargeting ads.


The central message and theme of how we communicate your brand is through our ad campaigns. Whether it’s catchy, silly, or provocative, our team will provide you several headliners and art directions that communicate this message.

Engage your audience with professionally produced and edited videos. From Super Bowl commercials to YouTube videos, our goal is the same, have a clear message and get people talking.

When it comes to print advertising, investing in the first impression is a must. Our team provides our business partners with “design credits” to use whenever the right opportunity arises. Some of our billboard designs have catapulted businesses and set new trends.

We include professional photography in all our services. By this we don’t mean cheesy stock photos. DIAZ Ad Group employs and also works with some of the best talent and equipment. From studio shots to food items, we go all in to capture the most stunning image possible.


Our web design and development is the crescendo of all our services. Our websites have nothing templated about them. Each one is meticulously crafted by our design team to communicate your message and simultaneously produce a result. This is the added benefit of working with an agency that is not industry specific. Our websites have generated thousands of leads while at the same time, being drop-dead gorgeous.

Unlike most creative agencies, we include intelligent SEO practices into your website. This includes: localized keyword research, strategic content writing, proprietary knowledge in domain authority, localized backlinks, internal linking structures, effective outbound links, relevant blog writing, and reputation management for increased positive visibility.

Leave it to our team of highly sought after copywriters to produce all the content necessary for your marketing services. From social media posts to blogs, we’ll handle all the writing for you. Our team will present a detailed map of our ideas, send for approval, then get working on your content.

For local store front businesses, local listing management is one of the most vital services for our operation. From Yelp to Houzz, we setup, optimize, and maintain a healthy positive local listing for your business.

Our marketing staff knows the minds of sales and media reps at some of the largest media companies in the U.S. We know how to get you the best rates and spots for tv, radio, and print advertising. What would normally cost you thousands, we can negotiate down using our agency muscles.

Meet with your account specialist weekly to see how your marketing is working for you. Here you’ll get to see the effectiveness of your social media, website, and search engine rankings. Our reports go beyond basic Google analytics, and provide insight into the areas that are generating more clicks, amounts of phone calls, and heat maps.