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What sets DIAZ Ad Group apart from the many other marketing or creative agencies is that we are not afraid to set a new trend. We are not just talking about ourselves, but our clients. What our clients love most about us is that we take ownership of their brand from start to finish. They sleep peacefully knowing that a full-team of top-notch people are working around the clock to perfect and grow their business.  

Because of this we don’t have customers, we have clients; business owners and executives who are passionate about what they do and not afraid to confront the status-quo head on. Below we give you an overview of the variety of work we have recently completed. Each page will introduce the brand identity, website design, social media, video trailers, and logo design. This will give you a glance of the type of work we’ve done, yet this is only the tip of the iceberg of the many other pieces we’ve accomplished for our clients. 

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what people are saying

DIAZ Ad Group is still the best investment I have made in my business to this day. If you are looking to make waves in your industry, this company is the one to go with!

-Win The Loan

They have such an eye for design and creativity. And they are all they absolute kindest people, who work hard and make sure that you feel heard.

-The Stewart Center

They are very passionate and talented in their work/art. They have the best eye and ideas to grow ANY business and know exactly how to captivate the targeted audience!

-Dallas Elite Athletics

They helped create our theme and how we want people to view CRS Cabinets. I highly recommend DIAZ Ad Group and trust their work. They can take the marketing load off your back and allow you to focus on other areas.

-CRS Cabinets

Having already invested a substantial amount of capital into my inventory, I was extremely cautious in committing into a marketing partnership. By the time we finished our first on-boarding meeting all the nerves went away. DIAZ Ad Group is the best ROI I’ve ever had! Highly recommend.

-JVS Jewelry

The results of my website have been directly evident in our successful inbound marketing and subsequent client acquisitions.

-TQ Customs Brokerage

DIAZ Ad Group helped our company double in size. Carlos & his team executed our website keeping all our ideas in mind. In addition, he helped increase our sales by making online purchasing available.

-ProColor Studios

The time and money spent with them was well spent, and we are still reaping the benefits many years later.

-Cross Creek