marketing tip –

embrace word of mouth

Hearing it through the grapevine still works and will always work.

We’ve been in the marketing business for decades, and there is only one thing that has always proven to be true: Word-of-mouth is the best marketing you can’t buy.

No matter how many social media apps, online advertising trends, or billboards you paste your company logo onto—nothing sells like a friend’s recommendation. As humans, we buy what we trust. And we’ll always trust people more than advertising. (That’s why Google-star reviews and ratings are such a big deal.) Your office may be comfortable, and you could have the latest technology, but you’ll sit stagnant if it’s not compelling enough to make people want to tell their coworker at lunch. Refine your service or product, and try again.

Be known. Become contagious.

And if word of mouth is the best way to bring new clients and customers through your physical or virtual doors—then get up, get out, and start networking today. Attend seminars, conventions, networking events, chamber of commerce meetings, alumni programs, and job clubs. Whatever you do, don’t ever be shy about your business. Encourage your customers/patients/clients to share with others. Incentivize in whatever ways you can, or simply ask; even the largest most successful businesses do.

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