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create new streams

Streams tend to dry up. Have a few.

Every once in a while we get calls from frustrated or deflated business owners because their sales and leads have drastically gone down. For years they have built their business off of a single marketing stream of leads (SEO, Instagram, Yelp, etc). They’ve come to us to help them regain and rebuild their main lead-generating pipeline. This, however, goes against our principles. We’ve turned away high income opportunities because they cared more about being #1 on Google than having a reputable brand and developing multiple sources of leads.

We’ve seen businesses completely disappear overnight because Google changed their ranking algorithm. We’ve seen revenue for other businesses drop by 50% when Instagram changed how and who they show your posts to. There are too many marketing companies that can easily get you ranking on Google; this doesn’t mean that 1) it will last, and that 2) your business will draw the right customers. You must build a complete marketing strategy that includes several marketing streams. 

Are all of your eggs in one basket?

Since leads can die out without notice, it’s crucial to produce several avenues of leads and cash-flow. This is the foundation to building a strong and lasting business. Don’t put all of your eggs in one basket. Explore every chance you get, always be developing new opportunities for new leads, cultivate different streams of income—and watch your business boom for years.

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