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give your brand personality

Give your brand a personal touch.

In a world where we text more than we talk and ask Alexa more questions than we do our family members, we’re craving more authentic relationships. From the beginning of time, people have followed people with direction and authority, those they admire, and individuals they respect. That’s not going to change. To grow your brand, you have to add personality to the structure of your business. Add a face to the name. Create a human connection. Put yourself in front of your customers.

Allow your audience the privilege of getting to know the person and team behind your logo, and you’ll earn trust, admiration, and loyalty.

3 top things you can do.

Here’s what our brand experts say on how your can give your business personality:

Ditch the cheesy stock photos.

If your photos look like every other company in your industry. It’s time to wipe your website and tear up your marketing materials.

Make sure your content has a tone.

Who knows where the concept came from that says to be professional means to be boring. Add some tone to your website copy and marketing materials. Whether it’s snarky or humorous, let people know your business is not a robot.

Add style. It’s ok if no one is doing it.

Do not have a sign that says “Dr. Blah Chiropractic.” Invest in having a professional provide you several aesthetics that match your heart, vision, and mission.  Incorporate your favorite color, or your wife’s; but add something that is special to you. This doesn’t mean to go too crazy and add a sketch of a cowboy riding into the sunset to your logo. Rather, maybe lasso the form of a spine, for example. That one’s free.

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