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You’re here because you won’t accept the status-quo for your auto dealership. Average marketing tactics don’t work for you because your company is anything but average. You want the best. You want a team that is dedicated to bringing bold ideas to the table, a team that is dedicated to seeing you succeed and grow. Enter DIAZ.

DIAZ Ad Group has managed the advertising and marketing for dealerships representing Volvo, Mazda, Volkswagen, and more. Because of our experience, you can find comfort in our knowledge of industry protocols, as well as gain confidence in our fast-paced work ethic that matches the demand of your sales staff.


Imagine an agency that not only provides you with premier creative media but aligns with your goals for maximum growth. At DIAZ, we believe that growth walks the line of remarkable and relatable. So how exactly does DIAZ grow auto dealerships? We will fill you in on one of our secrets (no gatekeeping here. We believe knowledge is power… but knowing it is different than executing it – and that’s what we do best).


Author Don Miller did the world a favor when he simplified and outlined exactly what ad agencies have constantly failed to do: provide your customers a clear path to purchase. Well, we’ve heard him loud and clear. That’s why at the heart of everything we create, we are providing our client partners with the necessary tools to turn traffic into leads.


If you browse our site, you will see that we are NOT industry-specific. In fact, we intentionally limit the number of clients we take on in each industry. Because of this, everything is tailor-made to work for YOU. Our ideas stay fresh, and our work remains unique.

A bespoke experience. A partner agency.

Bob Penkhus Case Study

How DIAZ Brought Success During Covid Shutdowns

Strategic PR.
Discovered Lost Opportunities.
Localized Ads Pushing Manufacturers Promotions.
Work. Work. Work.

Looking for a good story? We’ve got one for you.

Insert a boutique agency with no auto industry experience, a well-established auto dealership located hundreds of miles away, and one global pandemic bringing the nation to a full halt.

Bob Penkhus Motors found DIAZ through a catchy YouTube ad we created for one of our dental clients in Colorado Springs. They wondered “if they can do this for a dentist, what can they do for cars?” This was in January 2020. As we were finalizing agreements, everything went black. Covid-19 hit. Before the contract was signed, we decided to meet as a company and give the Bob Penkhus team a covid survival game plan. This left them stunned. The very next day we had a signed contract and DIAZ had a new partner.

2020 was Bob Penkhus’s best year to date.

From Bob Penkhus

DIAZ Ad Group is truly one of the best, and from having experience with other ad agencies I can honestly stand behind their slogan that they do the most. They’re always willing to go the extra mile to get whatever is needed accomplished. Their team has some of the best people on it and they all work very diligently to put together an end product that stands above the rest. Even though they’ve never worked in our industry and are out of state from our business, we took a chance on this company and haven’t looked back. They’ve handled our struggles and triumphs through Covid with stride and have never faltered in delivering what’s needed. They’re only a call or zoom meeting away and always find the time to help! They are constantly looking for new and innovative ways to improve our business in all facets we use their company for, which is pretty much their entire package! If there’s any request, they get it done. If you’re looking for an outstanding and successful, results-driven ad agency, then look no further because Diaz Ad Group fits whatever your business needs!