The Right Message Brings The Right Customers

Simply put, advertising gets your message out to the maximum amount of people as possible. With DIAZ Ad Group, that means creating a message that doesn’t just get impressions but that resonates and leaves a lasting impression. This is what we in the ad world call “brand positioning.”

Crafting The Right Message

Advertising is simply the broadcast of message. The message could be visual, intellectual, or controversial. The message could be hated or loved. Either way, the message must create mental space. Your message done right, should transcend the noise and plant a seed. The message prepares the way for your other marketing efforts to be effective.

Advertising Today Is Different Than Yesterday

Creating a solid message is one thing; figuring out how to broadcast it to your “correct” audience is another thing entirely. It is possible to have an award-winning message fail due to how it was delivered. Previously to hiring us, we had seen businesses spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on TV commercials, without receiving a dollar back of ROI. Upon reviewing the message, the commercial, and the networks in-which it was broadcasted, it was clear that none of those components had been fully thought through.

Advertising Services

  • Creative Direction

  • Media Management

  • National & Local

  • Google Ads

  • Programmatics & Retargeting

  • Paid Social Media

  • TV/Radio/Print

  • YouTube Ads

  • A/B Testing

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