DIAZ Ad Group is a curated team of inventive minds whose love for creative communication has become their business. Our unique work has put us on the map as one of the top up-and-coming ad & marketing agencies in Texas. We also serve as a prolific creative lab for the most experienced as well as the young, eager creatives ready to embrace the genius within. So our clients don’t just get one innovative brain working on their campaigns, but instead, they get an entire team of devoted creatives eager to execute their work to absolute perfection.

We are a team who dreams as big as you do about your business. Our quality-tested marketing and outrageous advertising will leave your competitors scrambling. That’s the daily goal we embrace at DIAZ Ad Group. We are an agency that doesn’t just pride ourselves on our brilliant creative campaigns but in the success they produce for our clients.


Carlos Isaac Diaz has been ranked as one of the top creatives and designers in the advertising industry. After freelancing with countless businesses and organizations to build their brands, websites, and campaigns, he officially launched his own agency, Made by Carlos, in 2013. Partnering with his wife Sarah, who has spent many years managing marketing accounts, they set out to grow and expand the reach and revenue of their clients. From private universities like Oral Roberts University to small financial firms, Carlos advanced his business by successfully leading companies to dominate their industries.

It was during this time that Dr. Field Harrison, owner and founder of MINT Dentistry, heard of Carlos and brought him on as Creative Director. Devoting the next three years of his focus to branding and creating all the marketing materials for MINT, Carlos helped establish MINT Dentistry as one of the hottest brands in Texas and across the United States, expanding it from 5 locations to over 30 across the entire state. At this time, Carlos felt that it was time to refocus on his own endeavors, thus relaunching his brand Made by Carlos.

With the successful growth of his personal brand, Made by Carlos transformed into something even greater than himself – DIAZ Ad Group. Transitioning away from Carlos as lead creative, he adopted a team of like-minded designers, writers, and thinkers to execute projects with the highest standards. No project is presented to clients without passing through multiple eyes. This ensures that you are guaranteed to have the same high-quality craftsmanship every time.

Carlos Isaac Diaz

Founder/Creative Director


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